Decorate the Office Using Your Brand

Decorate the Office Using Your BrandA company is only as strong as their brand. That’s a foundational truth many organizations operate on. Want an even greater truth? A company is only as strong as its employees, and employees are often inspired by a company’s brand.

A company that’s not proud of its brand, or doesn’t make that brand clear, likely has employees who don’t really see the big picture: maybe they don’t see eye to eye with the values of the company or maybe it’s simply hard for them to understand the company’s values.

There are plenty of ways to encourage brand awareness within your organization; consider redecorating to showcase your brand.

We’re not suggesting that you replace everything inside of your office with brand-specific, bespoke pieces, or that everything inside of your office should be the same bright color as the company’s logo. However, incorporating your brand throughout your building will help your employees feel more connected to the company’s identity.

Pictured above is some work that Modular Office Environments did for a company recently, using their logo as inspiration. You’ll notice we added a splash of their signature color on the back wall and added in chairs that match the color. Making these small changes helped to bring the company’s brand into a space where employees can enjoy it and embrace it.

Hoping to add your brand into your business décor? Consider creating an “accent wall” in your break room using your company’s colors.  You can also swap out furniture for more brand-appropriate colored furniture. You don’t have to go crazy with color coordination to achieve more of a brand presence, small changes such as updated furniture and fresh paint is often enough.

Another benefit that comes with redecorating is a stronger customer perception of the brand. If you take meetings in your offices on a regular basis, those customers will get to know your brand just from walking in the door.

Modular Office Environments is here to help you create a space that represents your brand. Call us today at 954.735.1183 and let us help you think outside of the office cube.

Spice Up Your Office Space with Seasonal Décor

Office Seasonal DécorFall is coming, and just as you likely update your home décor, it doesn’t hurt to freshen up your office space as well with some seasonal touches.

Decorating your office space for the fall season will create a cozy, seasonal, and festive work environment for employees to enjoy.

Many office spaces lack personality, and are typically a cold and bland space. If you want to set your business aside and help impress customers and encourage employees, add a little bit of seasonal décor into your office.

Add Simple Wall Art

An easy way to update a space is to swap out wall art for seasonal themed ones instead. You can easily take one piece off of the wall and put another in its place.  If you can find artwork or photographs that are a similar size to others that you have displayed, trade them out for a shot of falling leaves, fall landscape, cheerful pumpkins, and so forth.

Update Furniture

Fall offers us a fresh start with cooler temperatures and beautiful landscapes. As the great outdoors updates its look, consider updating the look of your office as well. Refreshing your office furniture can help update your space in an instant to celebrate the new season.

Our custom workstations and executive office furniture can update your office this fall. Consider bringing in fresh and new furniture to help get yours employees motivated for a strong finish to the year.

Commit to Cozy

Add some seasonal coffee choices to the break room such as pumpkin spice or maple. On occasion offer different treats such as apple baked goods or coffee cake to boost employee morale.  Consider adding some fall wreaths, mums, battery operated candles, and pumpkins into the lobby of your company to impress guests and make them feel at home.

Changing and updating the look of your office is important: it’ll keep your employees enthusiastic and your customers impressed. Hoping to get started? Visit us at Modular Office Environments today at 954-735-1183.

Creating a Beneficial Boardroom

Creating a Beneficial Boardroom One of the most important places in any office is the boardroom. Mergers, acquisitions and promotions take place in the boardroom and executives always need a space to hash out their new ideas. This is why this room should be equal parts comfort and function.

Here are some tips to creating an ideal boardroom space.

Keep Technology in Mind
These days technology is king, and there is rarely a time when meetings are held where computers, phones or projectors aren’t being used. This is why it is important to plan your boardroom design carefully, taking into account where all plug sockets and Ethernet ports are located. There should be several of these ports located around the room so that business can go on without interruption.

Comfortable Seating
You will want to have comfortable seating in your boardroom, especially for those long conference calls so test out some seating options before committing. Find something that is both comfortable and functional. Now that you have your chairs, you need a proper table to accompany them. Think about the future of your company and choose high-quality tables that will accommodate everyone that will be involved in your meetings. Also make it wide enough so that people can place their paperwork, computers and any phones and speaker systems comfortably.

Be Smart About Lighting
Think of your boardroom as a separate entity within your office. This is a special place where the most important discussions will be held so make it a room where people want to be. Start with the lighting. You don’t want the bright florescent lighting that is in the rest of your office. When thinking about lighting, reflect on the fixtures in your favorite room at home and emulate that feeling.

You don’t want anything too bright because that creates a sterile environment and it could be distracting to the guests in your room. You may be surprised at how proper lighting can affect production so get comfortable lighting and work in peace.

Start Your Boardroom at Modular Office Environments
When you think office furniture and functionality, think about our services at Modular Office Environments. We want you to work at your best and that is why we offer the top cubicle, desk and storage solutions so you can think about what is most important: the work. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

Creating an Inviting Office Space

Office Design TipsAlthough your office is often your home away from home it’s also where you conduct your business, make most of your phone calls, and entertain clients. For most people, an office has to be versatile: part lunch room, part boardroom, part quiet space.

Modular Office Environments has some tips for you to help you create an inviting office space.

Make sure to include lots of places for communal gathering besides the kitchen. You want your employees to feel like they have space to brainstorm, review work, hold private meetings, collaborate on a project, or just relax for a few minutes. You can make conference rooms more inviting and engaging by adding additional features such as white boards, sound systems, and comfortable seating.

Use your brand to decorate spaces such as the bathrooms, which customers often see. Cohesive brand placement will make your employees and your clients feel at home upon entering the building. Don’t forget to put up brand related items for conference meetings, such as napkins or pens.

Artwork that incorporates your brand or your type of work can give your office a unique vibe; however, decorations don’t have to be limited to wall art. Consider using similar colors in your water glasses, planters, flooring, and furniture to create a cohesive space.

Many employees today also desire an office space that is environmentally friendly. It is important to offer lots of recycling options for employees, and it makes you a butter business without a doubt if you do.

Consider offering something affordable to employees at no cost, such as coffee or limited snacks. Under-caffeinated employees and employees that work long hours with one lunch break will not function at full capacity.

Modular Office Environments offers alternative options for work stations, seating, conference tables, and more to maximize productivity.

Importance of Filing Documents in Office Setting

Office Storage For many businesses, the large majority of their files are stored on computers and hard drives.

Everything is heading in a digital direction, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper copies of your most important files.

Whether you have confidential contracts, patient charts, or other information floating through your office, it’s important to keep physical copies.

When it comes to giving your patients the proper care, it may seem like going the digital route will make it easier: but it’s important to keep paper copies of your patients’ most important documents, in case of a system outage or other unexpected interruption. The filing and storage solutions we offer here at Modula Office Environment will meet your storage needs.

Patient files can be stored in tall, sliding shelving, to accommodate more paperwork. If you have documents like contracts, signed forms, and the like, you can use filing cabinets or storage cabinets to house binders.

For documents like contracts, sales statements, and invoices, having paper copies easily accessible will make answering your customers’ questions quick and easy. And, in the event of a lawsuit or similar issue, you and your team will be able to quickly locate documents that have been filed safely.

Your company’s filing system should be so simple, that a person could walk off the street and into your business and find a document if you asked them to. Keep that in mind, especially when you’re re-organizing or re-decorating your office: it’s a great opportunity to revamp your filing method and get it organized.

It’s much easier to accidentally delete something from your computer than to lose a whole paper file. Consider updating your office’s filing methods with Modular Office Environment’s filing and storage solutions. We have vertical, multi-purpose, and mobile storage cabinets as well as quality made bookcases and personal storage towers.

For more information on our products, call us today at 954-735-1183.

Encourage Physical Activity Among Employees

Office ExerciseAlthough it’s important to create a welcoming, comfortable office space, it’s also important to encourage employees to get up and keep moving while at work when possible.

It is no secret that sitting all day is bad for your health, and there are small steps that you can take to encourage movement within your offices space.

About 83% of the American workforce spends 40-plus hours per week at a sedentary job. According to the American Heart Association, all that sitting has contributed to America’s obesity epidemic. The less you move around, the fewer calories you burn, and – you guessed it – the more pounds you pack on. Almost two-thirds of Americans are either obese or overweight, which increases the risk of debilitating diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. All those extra pounds aren’t just bad for your health – they’re also bad for the economy. Some estimates total obesity-related productivity losses at more than $225 billion per year!

So how can you encourage your employees to get up out of their office chairs and move around? Forbes and Michigan Fitness have a few tips:

  • Join the club: Everyone knows that you’re more likely to do something if your friends and coworkers are doing it, too. So why not start a walking or jogging club at your office, or have a weekly lunchtime yoga session?
  • Count those steps: A wearable device, like a Fitbit, can motivate employees to get the recommended 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day by helping them track how much they move around. Why not try an office-wide steps competition?
  • Take ten: A workout doesn’t have to mean an hour-long sweat sesh. Encouraging employees to take 10-minute breaks to walk around the block or stretch at their desks can be effective, too.
  • Walk and talk: Who says meetings have to involve sitting around over a plate of donuts? For your next meeting, try walking with your employees. Walking can even stimulate creativity, so it’s a win-win situation.

Standing or walking desks can also contribute to employee health and fitness. Check out Modular Office Environments to browse some great products that we can offer.

Getting Your Office Summer Ready

Getting Your Office Summer ReadyWorking in an office on a gorgeous summer day can prove to be quite a challenge. It is difficult to focus in a sterile environment, when just beyond the confines of the walls are sunshine, trees and clear blue skies.

We believe that the morale and productivity of your office is largely dependent on your surroundings. A sterile office will yield a bare minimum of effort from employees. Let’s look at some of the ways to boost enthusiasm and productivity from your team by creating a well-designed and decorated working space.

Color and shape are both key when it comes to creating an inviting workspace. For example, incorporating a little color and comfort through your chosen office chairs is a small gesture that goes a long way. Modular offices are also a great way to keep things unique and inspiring. Take a look at how inviting these offices look due to the pops of color, overall layout, and organization.

Sometimes, a part of decorating an office space is about having fun. Consider putting up seasonal decorations as well. We often decorate our homes to match with upcoming seasons or holidays, why not decorate our office as well? Incorporate a few tropical decorations such as inflatable palm trees or flamingo lights. Post some colorful banners to brighten up a room during the summer season.

Modular Office Environments strongly believes that quality work is a result of its environment, and your business’ office decor makes all the difference when it comes to productivity.

Break the Habit of Having an Out of Date Breakroom

Office DecorHave you noticed that your employees rarely use the breakroom to take breaks or eat their meals? That might be a sign of a breakroom that’s overdue for some renovations and décor updates. Here are some easy ways you can break the habit of having an out of date breakroom and get your employees excited about making that afternoon cup of coffee.

All of your employees work hard and deserve a spot to unwind for a minute. But if you’ve never paid much attention to the décor and design of your breakroom, chances are it needs an update.

Four Ways to Create an Enticing Breakroom:


Vending Group says to toss the bland motivational posters and hang up interesting local artwork instead. Try to paint the room a color other than beige. Beige, bland gray and white often induce feelings of sadness. Instead, soothing shades of blue or green tend to improve efficiency and focus.


Next, upgrade the furniture. If everything is out of date and uncomfortable, no one will want to sit for a minute. Add in a breakfast bar with stools where employees can have a quick meeting over coffee. Also, by adding several tables and comfy chairs, employees will gather more often for lunch.

Coffee & Snacks

According to Small Biz Trends, all your employees need for a successful day and a non-drowsy afternoon is free coffee and healthy snack options. Keep a pantry with a few items stocked, and offer free coffee and tea. If you’re really feeling like spoiling the employees, spring for an espresso machine.

Separate Space

You want the breakroom to be separated from the offices and cubicles on the floor; that way people can stop by and talk freely without worrying about disturbing their neighbors. If you can’t completely renovate, no need to worry. Try using room dividers, curtains or barriers to make the spaces seem more separate.

When updating your break room, the most important thing to keep in mind is how it can benefit your team. Take the employees thoughts and opinions into consideration before beginning to remodel.

For more tips on updating your break room or to talk to the furniture experts here at Modular Office Environments, call us today at 954-735-1183. We’ve got you covered.


Remaining Focused in an Open Floor Plan

We’ve talked previously about the positives and the negatives of an open office floor plan, and now we have advice to offer on how to handle an open floor plan as an employee.

Many businesses are committing to open floor plan concepts and it’s important to understand how to remain focused within them.

Music Matters
If your office allows you to listen to music or podcasts while working, purchase a nice pair of headphones. Many employees that work within an open floor concept can often be seen listening to music or podcasts to drown out noise around them. In many office settings, headphones are representative of a “do not disturb sign.” If someone has headphones in, they are likely focusing on a task that needs their undivided attention.

Take a Minute
Working within an open floor concept does get occasionally get stressful. With people frequently chatting with one another, loud phone conversations, and people walking around, there can be a lot of distractions. If you are able to designate your own breaks, give yourself several periodic ones throughout the day. Stepping away from your screen can help increase your ability to focus when you return.

Lunch Alone
When you work on an open floor concept, you will likely spend most of your day interacting with others. For people that are extroverted, this isn’t a problem. However, if you are someone that cherishes your “me-time,” don’t be afraid to take lunch alone here and there. We all need time to ourselves, especially during a chaotic day at work. Getting a few minutes to ourselves can help reduce daily stress.

Mind the Time
If the office quiets down before 7 a.m., after 4 p.m., our around noon, take note of that and use it to your advantage. Offices definitely have unsaid “quiet time,” you just have to notice it and commit to working hard at those times. If you are someone that works better with quiet, make sure you take note of when the office does die down and work on tougher projects at that time.

If you’re looking for office furniture solutions in South Florida, visit Modular Office Environments.

Make Smart Design Decisions to Facilitate Better Communication

Make Smart Design Decisions to Facilitate Better CommunicationCommunication is coiled in the DNA of every successful business venture. Why? Aside from being integral to our own genetics, good communication is what binds together great leaders—and ideas—in an increasingly globalized workplace.

But understanding this concept and putting it into action are two separate things. All too often, business environments are structured to enclose us. Offices have doors. Cubicles have tall panels. Even communal kitchens sometimes feel private, given their narrow, railroad-style architecture.

So rather than stick to the status quo, we’ve drafted up a list of expert design ideas that are guaranteed to improve communication around the workplace.

Consider a “Dedicated Communication” Area

Regrouping with colleagues shouldn’t have to involve scheduling a meeting room. Instead, you should think about designating an open area that’s more conducive to big groups, and lively, informal gatherings. This can be an island, shared table or central space that might better serve as your spirited ‘communication lounge.’ For groups concerned with privacy, high padded seating and shelving units may also come in handy. They help to buffer sound and create a sense of intimacy, without shutting employees out entirely.

Be Flexible With Space

Cubicles and private offices undoubtedly serve a purpose, but they shouldn’t be relied upon 24/7. The best way to foster employee communication is to switch up the floor plan to establish a number of different working zones. Think of meeting pods, quiet booths, huddle spaces, small and larger meeting areas, and so forth. By setting up spaces that fulfill a host of needs, employees will learn to better adapt to an array of working environments, while focusing on the given task at hand.

Go Green                            

Studies have shown that sunlight and exposure to greenery can contribute to a 15% increase in creativity, and a 6% increase in productivity. That said, don’t shy away from incorporating fresh plants and flowers into your workspace. This not only will improve office air quality, but also help foster a sense of enthusiasm among employees—one that encourages communication in a brighter, open area.