A Startup Company’s Guide to Office Design

Are you the head honcho at a brand new firm? This is an exciting time for you professionally, as your A Startup Company’s Guide to Office Design company is beginning to spread its wings.

We understand that setting up a new office is a task and a half, and that’s why we’ve put together a startup’s guide to office design.

Renting Options

If you’re a startup and ready to hit the ground running, then the designing of your office space should reflect that attitude. But things take time, which is why renting temporary office furniture is a smart way to go. It allows you to resume operations as normal, promoting an efficiently paced work environment.

Ask Questions

Your employees are the struts of your company. Observe how they like to work best. Are they clustering in groups? Do many of them work from home? Are they for the most part reclusive, typically keeping to themselves? Deciding on a floor plan that meets the needs of both the employees and your company is ideal, and you can find the best option by investing in getting to know more about them.

Thin Out Space

You spend a majority of your day at the office, and it’s basically your second home. It’s a place you want to be able to kick back in as much as write a report, and designing a space with that in mind will allow you to experiment with a plethora of options. One important thing to keep in mind is to avoid overcrowding at all costs; don’t over stuff shelves, cabinets, or dividers with overlooked paperwork or unnecessary objects. Also keep in mind that your office layout could change drastically as your company expands, so the less clutter the better.

Work Off Your Brand

This is where you get to be creative; the ideally customized office interior is a balance between individual employee culture and professional branding. Allow your employees to add their individual accents, while staying true to the overarching message of your company’s brand. Leave promotional office products like thermal mugs and fidget spinners with your logo on it around the office to encourage them to integrate the brand into their lifestyle!

Are you still in need of assistance? Let Modular Office Environments help you work through the tough design decisions.