Be Sure to Value Space When Arranging Your Office

Spacing Establishing and maintaining a properly organized office layout and design is an integral component of keeping a productive and happy workplace. Achieving a proper balance of functionality and form with space management and furniture selection leads to improved results and can be one of the best investments you can implement to make your business better.

According to a 2006 report from the General Services Administration, establishing and maintaining an “innovative workplace” translates into tangible results from employees. The report defines an “innovative workplace” as having equity of space, including window views and ample sunlight; highly connective and reliable telecommunications and computing systems; comfortable furniture and climate conditions; and, providing flexibility of space and working conditions to accommodate employees better. The GSA notes that benefits of having innovative workplaces include a lowered rate of absence, an increase in worker productivity and higher rates of success with employee retention and new employee recruitment.

You can take small steps to start improving your office today to work toward improving your workspace and employee morale. Simple additions, such as a new couch for your break room for employees to relax and socialize on breaks or investing in more comfortable seating for your workers, can be an easy first step to improving comfort. Making these sorts of small changes over time allows you to gradually work these new ideas and innovations in to your office and work toward achieving a better environment and culture while maintaining your own company culture and aesthetic.

Are you expanding into a new office or planning a major renovation or furniture update? There’s no better time to consider making major changes to your office culture. Take the time to plan out the entire workspace, balancing the functionality your employees need with comfortable and inviting workstations. Contrast this with your own company culture, striving to find the balance of what your employees, clients and potential future hires need to perform their best with what your company’s “personality” represents. Managing both will result in peak performance across the board and lead to increased productivity, happier employees and a better bottom line.

Modular Office Environment’s consulting and design team excels in updating and planning highly functional, comfortable and innovative workspaces. Give them a call today and get started on making your office the best space it can be.