Benefits of Demountable Wall Systems

Demountable Wall Systems at Modular Office EnviornmentsModular Office Environments encourages you to venture beyond traditional office interior design and consider demountable walls systems.

Perfect for the ever-changing office environment, demountable wall systems offer a simple and stylish solution to your designing efforts.

Benefits of Demountable Wall Systems

Demountable wall systems offer flexibility and convenience, as they can easily be disassembled and reinstalled in new locations. These systems prove cost effective, requiring only simple tools and resources and no costly architects or companies. Assembling demountable wall systems offers quicker lead-time than traditional construction, taking less time between the start and finish of the production process. Due to the ease of construction, installation of such systems is both smooth and clean, offering a simple solution to your partition needs.

A workspace should offer customizable areas for personal use, collaborative spaces, and private meeting rooms. Changing these important components of the office is easy with demountable wall systems, which make relocating offices, storage spaces, and other areas a breeze. Offices can achieve both privacy and openness by utilizing the various configurations inherent with demountable walls.

Design options become unlimited with moveable wall systems. Custom heights, widths, and finishes give you the resources for creating a custom work environment tailored to your needs and goals. As your business grows, simply add more wall systems to your office to expand and create new offices and common areas. If your business needs to change locations, take your demountable wall system with you to maintain the look and feel of your office.

Ready to kick your interior design up a notch and utilize the perfect solution for creative space planning? Modular Office Environments offers two brands of demountable wall systems available to mix up your office: Teilen Wall Systems and Trendwalls.

Teilen Wall Systems

Customizable, portable, and cost effective, Teilen wall systems use simple, durable components for fast and efficient installation. Move beyond the same old setup style and commit to a wall system of free standing dividers or partitions that expands and adapts to your wishes.

Elegant and functional, the Teilen wall system articulates your workspaces in a new way. Create customized areas for all of your projects with this innovative, reusable system.


Sustainable and simple, Trendwalls easily integrate with existing building interiors and furniture. The simplicity of assembly eliminates the mess of traditional construction. Consuming fewer resources than drywall, Trendwalls create your ideal office environment with numerous options for material and glazing to suit your tastes. Reconfiguration of the system proves easy with zero demolition and little impact to ceilings and floors. Choose from a selection of vinyl, fabric, or glazed panels, and pick your favorite door and door pull styles.

Find demountable wall systems along with more innovative office solutions and think outside the cube with Modular Office Environments, furnishing your office with modern, efficient products.