Creating an Inviting Office Space

Although your office is often your home away from home it’s also where you conduct your business, make most of your phone calls, and entertain clients. For most people, an office has to be versatile: part lunch room, part boardroom, part quiet space. Modular Office Environments has some tips for you to help you create… Read more »

Importance of Filing Documents in Office Setting

For many businesses, the large majority of their files are stored on computers and hard drives. Everything is heading in a digital direction, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper copies of your most important files. Whether you have confidential contracts, patient charts, or other information floating through your office, it’s important to… Read more »

Encourage Physical Activity Among Employees

Although it’s important to create a welcoming, comfortable office space, it’s also important to encourage employees to get up and keep moving while at work when possible. It is no secret that sitting all day is bad for your health, and there are small steps that you can take to encourage movement within your offices… Read more »

Getting Your Office Summer Ready

Working in an office on a gorgeous summer day can prove to be quite a challenge. It is difficult to focus in a sterile environment, when just beyond the confines of the walls are sunshine, trees and clear blue skies. We believe that the morale and productivity of your office is largely dependent on your… Read more »

Break the Habit of Having an Out of Date Breakroom

Have you noticed that your employees rarely use the breakroom to take breaks or eat their meals? That might be a sign of a breakroom that’s overdue for some renovations and décor updates. Here are some easy ways you can break the habit of having an out of date breakroom and get your employees excited… Read more »

Remaining Focused in an Open Floor Plan

We’ve talked previously about the positives and the negatives of an open office floor plan, and now we have advice to offer on how to handle an open floor plan as an employee. Many businesses are committing to open floor plan concepts and it’s important to understand how to remain focused within them. Music Matters… Read more »

Make Smart Design Decisions to Facilitate Better Communication

Communication is coiled in the DNA of every successful business venture. Why? Aside from being integral to our own genetics, good communication is what binds together great leaders—and ideas—in an increasingly globalized workplace. But understanding this concept and putting it into action are two separate things. All too often, business environments are structured to enclose… Read more »

Clever Ways to Keep Cubicles Organized

Most people tend to think of their cubicles as small, utilitarian spaces, equipped with little more than the bare necessities. But in order to get the most out of your office environment, it’s important to reframe this age-old idea, and start seeing the cubicle for what it could be: a serene, functional space designed on… Read more »

Research Finds the Corner Office Can Be Counterproductive

Most of us know what it’s like to daydream about that coveted corner office. From sweeping views to ample space—or maybe just slightly more room—corner offices seem to hold a place in our minds that few other corporate accoutrements do. But should they? According to the latest research conducted by office design company Steelcase, corner… Read more »

Create Flexible Work Environments With Demountable Walls

As a business owner or manager, you are constantly considering the effectiveness of your office space. Are your employees able to complete their work effectively in the space they currently have? Often times the answer is no. Employee needs change with time, and so do the needs of your business. If your current office space… Read more »