Boost Productivity with New, Office-Friendly Lighting

Working in a poorly-lit room doesn’t just make it difficult to read; it can also have a tangible negative effect on our mood and energy levels. By choosing the right lighting for your workspace, you can improve productivity and feel more energized throughout the day. Lighting is closely tied to the circadian rhythms which govern… Read more »

Survey Finds Employees Value Basic Amenities the Most

Office life has changed a lot in recent years. Some companies have started allowing pets to accompany employees to work. Others have instituted flexible scheduling polices that make it easier for employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Companies are trying all sorts of new things to improve morale and increase productivity, but according to… Read more »

Is an Open Office Floor Plan Right for Your Business?

In recent years, many companies have chosen to abandon partitions and cubicles in favor of more open floor plans. Some design analysts attribute this trend to the growing influence of millennials in the workplace. These younger members of the workforce grew up thinking of cubicles as stuffy and restrictive, and so they are more inclined… Read more »

Study Finds a Little Less Sitting Goes a Long Way

There are plenty of good things associated with working in an office – comfortable work environments, economic security and social interactions, for example. One thing that many people don’t like about office jobs, however, is the fact that they sometimes require us to sit for hours at a time. In recent years, as medical professionals… Read more »

Planning out the Perfect Office Space [Infographic]

A company’s culture is inextricably tied to its workspace. A well-thought-out office can foster creativity, encourage collaboration, and minimize stress. Everything from lighting to floor layouts can have a measurable impact on your workforce’s productivity and quality of life. Likewise, it’s important for business owners to carefully consider how the form of an office influences… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

As we’ve become more and more aware of the extent to which human activity can harm Earth’s fragile ecosystems, it seems everyone has been pitching in to make a positive difference and preserve the natural environment for the future. Whether it’s recycling plastic bags or using reclaimed graywater to irrigate lawns, there are all sorts… Read more »

More Offices Adopt Pet-Friendly Policies

Twenty years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dog in an office environment. Nowadays, it’s still not exactly the norm, but it’s far from unheard of. Even huge corporations such as Google and Amazon have adopted pet-friendly policies in recent years. In some cases companies will offer services such as an on-site doggie day… Read more »

Preventing Workplace-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries

In our last entry, we discussed ways to prevent back pain in the office. Today, we’ll consider a few ways to avoid another common office ailment – repetitive strain injuries. In office settings, these injuries typically happen in the forearms, wrists and hands as a result of using a mouse and keyboard for hours at… Read more »

Preventing Back Pain in the Office

According to the American Chiropractic Association, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In recent decades, back problems have become especially prevalent in office settings where employees stay seated for long periods of time. We might not think of office jobs as being especially physically demanding, but they can actually be pretty… Read more »

Could the Color of Your Office be Hampering Productivity?

You’ve put a great deal of careful consideration into the design layout of your office. You’ve opted for an open floor plan with plenty of space for collaborative projects. You’ve invested in comfortable seating for your employees and revamped the breakroom to make it feel more inviting. In spite of all these positive changes, however,… Read more »