Why It’s Vital to Have a Cheerful Workplace

When you’re scrolling Facebook and see pictures of your friend at a pool party organized by their company you know that company is… cool. Or you see a picture of employees gathered around a ping pong table having some healthy competition and letting off stress? You want to work for that company. There are several… Read more »

How to Maintain Good Posture While at Work

The environment that you surrounds you greatly effects the work that you produce. Millions of individuals work in office/cubicle settings all day long. Over time, trying to work hard, focus, and sitting in the same position can significantly affect your health and posture. Though it may not be apparent, when writing, filling out paperwork, or… Read more »

Things to Remember When Relocating Your Office

If you’ve ever been in a work situation where the office moved from one location to another you know how it can get complicated, right? After all, you’ve had a set routine and then that routine gets interrupted. In order to make an office move work, there are several things to keep in mind. To… Read more »

How to Make an Empty Office Space Appear More Inviting

An empty office needs things to make it more inviting to people. After all, if an office is pretty much empty, who wants to be there for hours at a time? Just like a person’s home needs furniture for everyday living, an office space can be made quite inviting and appealing with “space planning.” Modular… Read more »

6 Indispensible Tips For Project Management Success

Here at Modular Office Environments, we’re known for effectively managing projects that overhaul and improve the places we work. While many clients are amazed at how easy we make it look, seeing a project from start to finish is hard work that requires focus, skill, and dedication. Staying within a budget and achieving optimal results… Read more »

How to Prepare for an Office Move

Moving to a new office is an exciting time, but can seem a daunting task at first. Planning and preparation is key to ensuring a smooth transition. Here are a few tips to help make your move as simple as possible. Schedule your move One of the best things you can do to keep organized… Read more »

Be Sure to Value Space When Arranging Your Office

Establishing and maintaining a properly organized office layout and design is an integral component of keeping a productive and happy workplace. Achieving a proper balance of functionality and form with space management and furniture selection leads to improved results and can be one of the best investments you can implement to make your business better…. Read more »

Why Office Furniture is a Prudent Investment for Employers

Everyone’s heard the old adage that you should “dress for success,” but not everyone considers that in the context of their office space. How you furnish your office is the professional dress for your work environment, and guests and new employees can make a lot of preliminary judgments about your business by how well it… Read more »

Why It’s Essential to Have a Comfortable Office Chair

Ask most people what their biggest body ache is and they’ll generally tell you, “oh, my bad back!” We tend to sit. A lot. For hours at a time, at desks, we’ll sit and type stuff on the computer, talk on the phone, watch some videos, and shuffle through paperwork. It’s important to have a… Read more »

Reasons to Add Plants to Your Workspace

For centuries, men and women spent much of their time outdoors among nature and all its splendor. Today, though, we tend to live on screens, checking websites while working in indoor spaces most of our days. If you can’t be outdoors all day every day, why not bring some of the outdoors inside? Liven up… Read more »