Break the Habit of Having an Out of Date Breakroom

Office DecorHave you noticed that your employees rarely use the breakroom to take breaks or eat their meals? That might be a sign of a breakroom that’s overdue for some renovations and décor updates. Here are some easy ways you can break the habit of having an out of date breakroom and get your employees excited about making that afternoon cup of coffee.

All of your employees work hard and deserve a spot to unwind for a minute. But if you’ve never paid much attention to the décor and design of your breakroom, chances are it needs an update.

Four Ways to Create an Enticing Breakroom:


Vending Group says to toss the bland motivational posters and hang up interesting local artwork instead. Try to paint the room a color other than beige. Beige, bland gray and white often induce feelings of sadness. Instead, soothing shades of blue or green tend to improve efficiency and focus.


Next, upgrade the furniture. If everything is out of date and uncomfortable, no one will want to sit for a minute. Add in a breakfast bar with stools where employees can have a quick meeting over coffee. Also, by adding several tables and comfy chairs, employees will gather more often for lunch.

Coffee & Snacks

According to Small Biz Trends, all your employees need for a successful day and a non-drowsy afternoon is free coffee and healthy snack options. Keep a pantry with a few items stocked, and offer free coffee and tea. If you’re really feeling like spoiling the employees, spring for an espresso machine.

Separate Space

You want the breakroom to be separated from the offices and cubicles on the floor; that way people can stop by and talk freely without worrying about disturbing their neighbors. If you can’t completely renovate, no need to worry. Try using room dividers, curtains or barriers to make the spaces seem more separate.

When updating your break room, the most important thing to keep in mind is how it can benefit your team. Take the employees thoughts and opinions into consideration before beginning to remodel.

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