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Why Choose a Height Adjustable Desk System

Height Adjustable Desk

The average office worker spends most of their day sitting in a desk chair for hours on end with minimal opportunities to get up and stretch out. While some people find sitting to be comfortable, most people find it frustrating for good reason. Sitting for long periods of time throughout the day has been frequently… Read more »

Benefits of Demountable Wall Systems

Demountable Wall Systems at Modular Office Enviornments

Modular Office Environments encourages you to venture beyond traditional office interior design and consider demountable walls systems. Perfect for the ever-changing office environment, demountable wall systems offer a simple and stylish solution to your designing efforts. Benefits of Demountable Wall Systems Demountable wall systems offer flexibility and convenience, as they can easily be disassembled and… Read more »

How Leadership Style Plays into Office Design

How Office Design Plays into Leadership Style

Whether you view your work world through a laid-back lens of leadership, call authority your greatest asset, or create collaboration through tried and true teamwork, your leadership style is reflected in in the presentation of your office space. These different styles are not without their pros and cons, and each office design can bring out… Read more »

Change in Workforce Calls for Change in Office Design

Change in Workforce Calls for Change in Office Design

The professional workforce is changing, and with it, too, the way companies are designing their office spaces. While open floor plans are still highly favorable among established corporations and small businesses, companies of this revolving age are opting for spaces that balance collaborative work with solitude. If you’re a new business setting up your first… Read more »

The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

When we say that we’ve designed a chair that will change your life, it’s no exaggeration. An ergonomic office chair is a wise investment, as these chairs include several controls that allow employees to adjust their level of comfort, leading to a happier and more productive workplace. Only you know what makes you comfortable at… Read more »

Office Designs That Work in 2018

Executive Office Designs That Work in 2018

Design is an increasingly important indicator of a company’s style and reputation, both to clients, and to staff. It can also boost productivity, happiness, and morale. From staffing and management solutions to industry practice and office location, design has an immediate impact an all pillars of good business. Choosing the right office design should be… Read more »

The Intersection Where Communication and Design Meet

Improving Upon Your Boardroom Dynamics

Executives are constantly looking for ways to improve performance and productivity within their organizations, and that should include a strong understanding of the connection between office design and boardroom communication. Here, we offer our insights on the relationship between office design and boardroom communication so that your meetings benefit the greatest number of people. Commanding… Read more »

Feel the Textures of Fall with Momentum Soft Furnishings

Feel the Textures of Fall with Momentum Soft Furnishings

Modular Office Environments gets that interior design is an extension of a person’s personality. That’s why we offer a COM (Customer’s Own Material) service that allows you to soft furnish your office space with patterns of fabric that tell the story of you. Through client-picked fabric imbued with the qualities that make them truly unique,… Read more »

Making the Most of a Smaller Office Space

You don’t have to work at a fortune 500 to get a taste of the luxurious life. A small digital startup can feel just as ritzy and contemporary as an LA penthouse design firm. What counts the most is the attitude you use when approaching your office space. Small office design is best approached on… Read more »

Decorating Your Cubicle

Those of us who work nine to five jobs consider the office to be a second home. After all, we do spend about a third of our lives sitting at our desks. When you spend that much time in the same place, you want to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Consider decorating… Read more »