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Office Designs That Work in 2018

Executive Office Designs That Work in 2018

Design is an increasingly important indicator of a company’s style and reputation, both to clients, and to staff. It can also boost productivity, happiness, and morale. From staffing and management solutions to industry practice and office location, design has an immediate impact an all pillars of good business. Choosing the right office design should be… Read more »

The Intersection Where Communication and Design Meet

Improving Upon Your Boardroom Dynamics

Executives are constantly looking for ways to improve performance and productivity within their organizations, and that should include a strong understanding of the connection between office design and boardroom communication. Here, we offer our insights on the relationship between office design and boardroom communication so that your meetings benefit the greatest number of people. Commanding… Read more »

Think Outside the Cube: Go Modular

The father of modular design, Harvey Probber, once said: “The key to salvation was in bits and pieces of geometry… They were meaningless alone, but when fused to conventional shapes, profoundly altered their character.” On this foundation, the iconic designer was able to build an empire that brought modular furniture design to the households of… Read more »

Making the Most of a Smaller Office Space

You don’t have to work at a fortune 500 to get a taste of the luxurious life. A small digital startup can feel just as ritzy and contemporary as an LA penthouse design firm. What counts the most is the attitude you use when approaching your office space. Small office design is best approached on… Read more »

Make Smart Design Decisions to Facilitate Better Communication

Communication is coiled in the DNA of every successful business venture. Why? Aside from being integral to our own genetics, good communication is what binds together great leaders—and ideas—in an increasingly globalized workplace. But understanding this concept and putting it into action are two separate things. All too often, business environments are structured to enclose… Read more »

Clever Ways to Keep Cubicles Organized

Most people tend to think of their cubicles as small, utilitarian spaces, equipped with little more than the bare necessities. But in order to get the most out of your office environment, it’s important to reframe this age-old idea, and start seeing the cubicle for what it could be: a serene, functional space designed on… Read more »

Research Finds the Corner Office Can Be Counterproductive

Most of us know what it’s like to daydream about that coveted corner office. From sweeping views to ample space—or maybe just slightly more room—corner offices seem to hold a place in our minds that few other corporate accoutrements do. But should they? According to the latest research conducted by office design company Steelcase, corner… Read more »

Create Flexible Work Environments With Demountable Walls

As a business owner or manager, you are constantly considering the effectiveness of your office space. Are your employees able to complete their work effectively in the space they currently have? Often times the answer is no. Employee needs change with time, and so do the needs of your business. If your current office space… Read more »

Survey Finds Employees Value Basic Amenities the Most

Office life has changed a lot in recent years. Some companies have started allowing pets to accompany employees to work. Others have instituted flexible scheduling polices that make it easier for employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Companies are trying all sorts of new things to improve morale and increase productivity, but according to… Read more »

Is an Open Office Floor Plan Right for Your Business?

In recent years, many companies have chosen to abandon partitions and cubicles in favor of more open floor plans. Some design analysts attribute this trend to the growing influence of millennials in the workplace. These younger members of the workforce grew up thinking of cubicles as stuffy and restrictive, and so they are more inclined… Read more »