Clever Ways to Keep Cubicles Organized

Most people tend to think of their cubicles as small, utilitarian spaces, equipped with little more than the bare necessities. But in order to get the most out of your office environment, it’s important to reframe this age-old idea, and start seeing the cubicle for what it could be: a serene, functional space designed on your terms.

So what’s the first step in doing so? Organizing. And what exactly does that entail? Don’t worry, Modular Office Environments has you covered. Below are a few of our favorite life hacks to help use the space in cubicles as efficiently as possible.

Find “Hidden” Space

Rather than constantly rearranging a desk to make room for new items, look for what we like to call “hidden” space—or rather, space you don’t realize you can use, which is hidden in plain sight. Walls are typically the go-to places here, because they are the most underutilized area in any cubicle. But thanks to innovations such as hanging organizers, they don’t have to be. If you maximize the use of your walls by suspending folders, binders and coats, you free up room on your desk, and at your feet.

Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize

Office accessories are not only the key to a cleaner cubicle; they will be your answer to working more efficiently as well. That’s why it’s important to invest in items that last, such as swinging keyboard trays and floor mats. The former will help you adjust your keyboard based upon your posture and position. The latter will aid in maintaining the appearance of your cubicle.

Assess Your Action Items

Your “action items” are the most-used products on any given day. Make a mental note of what you most regularly tend to reach for, and create a space that seamlessly protects them. Fold-out drawers with multiple slots are especially helpful, because they keep items close at hand, yet separate from one another.

Declutter, Destress

We bet you can guess what this means—and yes, it’s time. Release your inner hoarder, and be sure to keep only what’s most essential for your work. It’s not something anyone looks forward to, but you’ll feel much better about your workspace once you’ve eliminated excess clutter.