Consult With Your Employees When Buying Office Furniture

Office Furniture Buying new office furniture? Consider asking employees for their opinion to see what types of pieces would best help them perform their jobs and stay comfortable throughout the workday.

Buying new office furniture without consulting the people who will use it on a daily basis is a major mistake. If you’re the person in charge of ordering new office furniture then consider asking employees for their opinion. Questions like “What types of pieces of furniture would best help you perform your job and stay comfortable throughout the workday?” make a lot of sense.

For some offices, it has been years since anyone changed anything, from the layout of the office space to the furniture used, including desks, chairs and tables. People can stagnate over time if there’s no change.

Asking workers about office furniture helps involve them in the process of acquiring new and useful pieces, such as sofas or new conference tables, that may help boost morale and increase productivity. Since people have different needs, wants and concerns, it’s important to take into account their various opinions and then see what the budget allows.

For instance, you might find that workers would like to eliminate cubicles and work together at long tables instead. Or you might discover that the current desks in the office are functionally obsolete and hampering their workdays. You don’t know what’s happening until you ask questions and take the pulse of the office.

You could solicit workers’ opinions via a formal survey on paper or via email. Or, better yet, just ask them what their thoughts are and take notes. Perhaps call a meeting to discuss office furniture needs. See what people are saying about where they work and what’s good/what’s bad. Modular Office Environments can supply you with new office furniture, and help you design your office space to meet today’s current needs.