Creating a Beneficial Boardroom

Creating a Beneficial BoardroomOne of the most important places in any office is the boardroom. Mergers, acquisitions and promotions take place in the boardroom and executives always need a space to hash out their new ideas. This is why this room should be equal parts comfort and function.

Here are some tips to creating an ideal boardroom space.

Keep Technology in Mind
These days technology is king, and there is rarely a time when meetings are held where computers, phones or projectors aren’t being used. This is why it is important to plan your boardroom design carefully, taking into account where all plug sockets and Ethernet ports are located. There should be several of these ports located around the room so that business can go on without interruption.

Comfortable Seating
You will want to have comfortable seating in your boardroom, especially for those long conference calls so test out some seating options before committing. Find something that is both comfortable and functional. Now that you have your chairs, you need a proper table to accompany them. Think about the future of your company and choose high-quality tables that will accommodate everyone that will be involved in your meetings. Also make it wide enough so that people can place their paperwork, computers and any phones and speaker systems comfortably.

Be Smart About Lighting
Think of your boardroom as a separate entity within your office. This is a special place where the most important discussions will be held so make it a room where people want to be. Start with the lighting. You don’t want the bright florescent lighting that is in the rest of your office. When thinking about lighting, reflect on the fixtures in your favorite room at home and emulate that feeling.

You don’t want anything too bright because that creates a sterile environment and it could be distracting to the guests in your room. You may be surprised at how proper lighting can affect production so get comfortable lighting and work in peace.

Start Your Boardroom at Modular Office Environments
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