Creating an Inviting Office Space

Office Design TipsAlthough your office is often your home away from home it’s also where you conduct your business, make most of your phone calls, and entertain clients. For most people, an office has to be versatile: part lunch room, part boardroom, part quiet space.

Modular Office Environments has some tips for you to help you create an inviting office space.

Make sure to include lots of places for communal gathering besides the kitchen. You want your employees to feel like they have space to brainstorm, review work, hold private meetings, collaborate on a project, or just relax for a few minutes. You can make conference rooms more inviting and engaging by adding additional features such as white boards, sound systems, and comfortable seating.

Use your brand to decorate spaces such as the bathrooms, which customers often see. Cohesive brand placement will make your employees and your clients feel at home upon entering the building. Don’t forget to put up brand related items for conference meetings, such as napkins or pens.

Artwork that incorporates your brand or your type of work can give your office a unique vibe; however, decorations don’t have to be limited to wall art. Consider using similar colors in your water glasses, planters, flooring, and furniture to create a cohesive space.

Many employees today also desire an office space that is environmentally friendly. It is important to offer lots of recycling options for employees, and it makes you a butter business without a doubt if you do.

Consider offering something affordable to employees at no cost, such as coffee or limited snacks. Under-caffeinated employees and employees that work long hours with one lunch break will not function at full capacity.

Modular Office Environments offers alternative options for work stations, seating, conference tables, and more to maximize productivity.