Decorate the Office Using Your Brand

Decorate the Office Using Your BrandA company is only as strong as their brand. That’s a foundational truth many organizations operate on. Want an even greater truth? A company is only as strong as its employees, and employees are often inspired by a company’s brand.

A company that’s not proud of its brand, or doesn’t make that brand clear, likely has employees who don’t really see the big picture: maybe they don’t see eye to eye with the values of the company or maybe it’s simply hard for them to understand the company’s values.

There are plenty of ways to encourage brand awareness within your organization; consider redecorating to showcase your brand.

We’re not suggesting that you replace everything inside of your office with brand-specific, bespoke pieces, or that everything inside of your office should be the same bright color as the company’s logo. However, incorporating your brand throughout your building will help your employees feel more connected to the company’s identity.

Pictured above is some work that Modular Office Environments did for a company recently, using their logo as inspiration. You’ll notice we added a splash of their signature color on the back wall and added in chairs that match the color. Making these small changes helped to bring the company’s brand into a space where employees can enjoy it and embrace it.

Hoping to add your brand into your business décor? Consider creating an “accent wall” in your break room using your company’s colors.  You can also swap out furniture for more brand-appropriate colored furniture. You don’t have to go crazy with color coordination to achieve more of a brand presence, small changes such as updated furniture and fresh paint is often enough.

Another benefit that comes with redecorating is a stronger customer perception of the brand. If you take meetings in your offices on a regular basis, those customers will get to know your brand just from walking in the door.

Modular Office Environments is here to help you create a space that represents your brand. Call us today at 954.735.1183 and let us help you think outside of the office cube.