Decorating Your Cubicle

Creating a Decorated CubicleThose of us who work nine to five jobs consider the office to be a second home. After all, we do spend about a third of our lives sitting at our desks. When you spend that much time in the same place, you want to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Consider decorating your cubicle in a way that will make you more productive and happier during those long days.

If you are all out of decorating ideas, check out some of our fun tips.

Start with the Little Things

To make your cubicle your own, you don’t have to go overboard. Instead, you can start with the little things. Get a cool new coffee cup with a funny phrase or cartoon on it. Get rid of that dull grey garbage can and bring in something more colorful. They even make fun desk plaques that you can customize with a funny saying.

Customize your Desktop

If you want to match your cubicle to your personality, you don’t have to buy anything new at all. All you have to do is update your computer background! It is easy to do. You simply right click on the desktop of your computer and then update the display settings. Pick anything that makes you laugh or puts you at ease. You can pick something with wild colors, your favorite animal, a beloved sports team, whatever you want!

Update your Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards don’t only have to be for meeting notes. They can also be used to showcase your personal style. Start by putting some of your favorite family photos up there. Frame the outside of the board with some colorful fabric. Finish it up by getting a unique calendar that tells you the date and gives you something to smile about.

Bring a Pillow

No, we are not condoning taking naps at work, but bringing in a small throw pillow for your chair could make you more comfortable while also giving your cubicle a little flair. Really mix up the space by getting a pillow in a color that contrasts with the color of your cube.

At Modular Office Environments, we have a vast selection of chairs, desks and cube structures that will make you more productive, comfortable and happy to be at work. The majority of your cubile is filled with office furniture, make sure it is something you like!