Office Designs That Work in 2018

Design is an increasingly important indicator of a company’s style and reputation, both to clients, and to staff. It can also boost productivity, happiness, and morale. From staffing and management solutions to industry practice and office location, design has an immediate impact an all pillars of good business.

Choosing the right office design should be a top priority for your company in 2018. Here are a few office trends we are incorporating into our design scope this year.

The Green Office

It has been proven time and again that any contact with nature, be it inside or outside of the office, is good for your mind, body, and soul. So it’s no surprise that companies have been redesigning their quarters to be as green as possible. This includes natural plantings as wall dividers, and beautiful wall hangings. Companies are going even further this year, by cutting back on energy use, hosting meetings outside, and offering alternative, emissions-free commutes to work. Employees value the connection that a company has to the earth more than ever now, and are sure that the green movement will sustain throughout the years beyond a trendy passing.

The Glass Office Executive Office Designs That Work in 2018

The buzzword in 2018 design is open. And what that means for an office design plan is one that invites all employees to be a part of something larger. We do this by knocking down the metaphorical walls in our workplaces that divide us. Modular designs are great for making a company feel more communal rather than cut off. Adding to that effect is the use of glass or interactive walls, where workers in meetings or cubicles are no longer isolated from one another, enhancing a sense that the company is always working together.

Executive Office Designs That Work in 2018 The Office Chair is Everything

Office chairs may seem innocuous, but the design of every piece of office design, down to the very seat you sit in, can have immense benefits on how you feel while at work. First, you’ll have to choose between mesh, fabric, plastic, or wood, and each has their pros and cons. When it comes down to shape and aesthetic, ultimately what will help you decide is your company’s style motif. And what about location? Where are you sitting and how much space is available? Is this the chair that will be comfortable, yet durable?  Modular design inspires us to ask these questions and seek the answers.

Your office matters at Modular Office Environments, and we want to build upon your company’s design aesthetic with you this year. Find out more about the executive office furnishings and design solutions we have available.