Feel the Textures of Fall with Momentum Soft Furnishings

Modular Office Environments gets that interior design is an extension of a person’s personality. That’s why we offFeel the Textures of Fall with Momentum Soft Furnishingser a COM (Customer’s Own Material) service that allows you to soft furnish your office space with patterns of fabric that tell the story of you.

Through client-picked fabric imbued with the qualities that make them truly unique, we’ve assisted many businesses in building a presence that is personalized, distinguished, and strong. We’ve partnered with Momentum Textiles to produce one-of-a-kind looks that are sure to impress your own clients and visitors, and break the rigidness of traditional office design by personifying furniture with rich textures and custom color schemes.

This month we are showcasing Momentum’s Crypton 2.0 Collection, which includes eight solid weave patterns that are environmentally welcoming. The collection captures the beauty of fall foliage and a walk along the beach on a crisp autumn day, with colors ranging from madder red and gold to bright and greyed blue and more distinctly, orange. Some of our favorite orange patterns include the fun, ink blotty Coffee Berry and the wispier Beachcomber II.

How can orange help tell your story? Shades of orange can be matched with a range of other colors on the spectrum. For an explosion of color, it can be paired with sun-kissed yellow. For a more calming effect, it is often paired with deeper blues. For more of a color pop or blocking effect, it is often matched with a vibrant pink or lush green.

No matter the message you want to convey, whether it’s seasonally appropriate or fueled by a passion within, Modular Office Environments can tailor your space to your story. Contact us today to get started!