Five Tips For Making The Most Of Your Office Space

Office SpaceAdding new employees to a business is exciting for many reasons. One of the most interesting—and challenging—parts of welcoming someone new to the office is finding a way to fit them into the floor plan. Working within the unrelenting space constraints, you end up finding a way to fit them in every time.

But all these types of on-the-fly additions and adjustments can lead to lasting inefficiencies that cut down on the productivity of your workplace. Sometimes it’s smart to take a step back and consider a few different ways you can maximize your company’s workspace in a way that will make everyone happier.

Make Use of Every Inch

Most offices have a few spaces that serve little purpose other than collecting dust. The first step in curing any overly cramped office should be identifying and eliminating these spots. This also goes for furniture and equipment in the office. It might look great sitting on that shelf, but if you don’t use it, it’s got to go. By the way, non-work related items don’t count. Just because you love playing that handheld game for two hours every morning doesn’t mean the office is the right place for it.

Harness Your Senses

When furnishing and decorating an office, too many companies rely solely on the way it looks. Of course, there are four other senses, each of which should be addressed to achieve an optimal working environment. For example, the intensity and positioning of lighting can energize your staff in a serious way. In certain rooms, a bit of music could make the office more welcoming and pleasant. Suddenly, your limited office space might take on a more expansive aura, feeling larger and more relaxed than it was before.

Trust a Professional Planner

Getting the most out of a smaller-than-ideal office space can be a bit of a science. Here at Modular Office Environments, we pride ourselves on our ability to squeeze the most utility out of limited space. Much of what we do is based on evidence derived from years and years of hands-on experience. You’ll be surprised at the results you can achieve from a professional office planner.

Project With Intention

Even if your office space is a little smaller than you’d like, that doesn’t mean you can’t send a huge message. When employees and clients step foot in the door, they should be able to immediately gather a sense of your company’s culture. Values and virtues are an important part of any business, and the way your office is laid out and decorating can go a long way towards projecting them.

Cooperation is Key

When you’re short on space, you have to make use of what you have. If everyone is doing the same task in their own separate areas, it might make sense to consolidate them all into one. Instead of dividing the office into personal spaces, divide based on the job being done in each area. It will lead to a more collaborative environment, and when managed well, can make staff happier and more productive.

If you’re serious about finding new ways to maximize the space you have without spending a fortune on more, give Modular Office Environments a call today.