Five Ways To Impress Clients Visiting Your Office

Office>When businesses redecorate the office, they tend to think about what will make employees feel comfortable and productive. After all, they’ll be the ones spending much of their time there.

It’s definitely important to focus on your staff, but you should never make business decisions without considering your valued clients as well. If they happen to visit the office, their impression might be a factor in how they perceive your company moving forward. Here are a few ways to impress visiting clients, maybe even without them realizing you’re doing anything at all.


Decorate For The Client You Want

Think about your ideal client—head to toe, the exact type of person you want to do business with. Now try to put yourself in their shoes. What might they like to see? Are they more of the modern, minimalist type? Maybe they would appreciate furniture with a classy character. Abstract art? Motivational posters? Be strategic and consider every detail.

Go With The Flow

Don’t simply stand in the middle of your office to assess its appeal to outsiders. After a while, you’re probably completely numb to your everyday journey from entering the front door to arriving at your desk. But a newcomer will be hyper-aware of their path to your office or conference room. Think about their experience from the moment they step foot inside to the moment they walk out.

Cover All Five Senses

Visual appeal is most important, and its what we do best. Even so, you should never forget about the other four senses. What type of effect does the music you’re playing have? How does it smell in the office, and what can you do to improve it? Is it too hot or cold? Don’t take anything for granted.

Dare To Be Different

Let’s be honest. When you visit a whole bunch of offices, they tend to start blending together. That’s because most offices look roughly the same. This isn’t a bad thing—we just happen to know what works best. However, depending on your clientele, it might be smart to do something that sets your office apart from the pack. A novelty, odd piece of art or architecture might help them remember your company as a more interesting place than the others.

Be A Great Host

While we can certainly set your business up with all the office décor you need to blow away your clients, you’re going to have to take it from there. Treat every visiting client as a VIP, doing everything you can to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Attractive and inventive office environments are a great place to start, but the most important piece of the puzzle is how you use them.