How Leadership Style Plays into Office Design

Whether you view your work world through a laid-back lens of leadership, call authority your greatest asset, or create collaboration through tried and true teamwork, your leadership style is reflected in in the presentation of your office space.

These different styles are not without their pros and cons, and each office design can bring out different qualities in a particular work setting.

Here we describe a few of the most common leadership styles and the office designs that complement them.

Laissez-Faire Policies How Office Design Plays into Leadership Style

Laid back and laissez-faire leaders display their hands-off style of leadership through the use of private cubicles and individual modernized workstations. Employees enjoy their own workspaces, decorated and maintained as they wish, and get their jobs done with little interference from higher-ups.

Workspaces include plenty of organizational elements and offer privacy with the opportunity for open interaction where needed. An office plan that includes many unique cubicles and a decentralized manager’s office displays a laissez-faire style of leadership.

Collaborative Mindsets

Open office floor plans full of comfortable furniture and plenty of tables and meeting spaces describe a more team-centric style of leading. Employees may have a simple desk to go back to, but their primary focus and energy comes from group meeting areas where they do their best work in teams.

Large tables and relaxed conference rooms create the perfect workplaces for leaders focused on teamwork. These leaders choose furniture conducive to making everyone feel welcomed and included in the shared spaces.

Authoritarian Leadership

Highly effective, authoritative leaders reside in centralized, open offices to garner accountability and trust from their employees. Strong leaders choose furniture that both establishes dominance and creates an atmosphere of strictly business with modern features and functionality.

Employees feel valued with personal spaces they can call their own, while managers exert their authority with bold desks and see-through offices, allowing them to keep an eye on how business is running.

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