How to Maintain Good Posture While at Work

Good PostureThe environment that you surrounds you greatly effects the work that you produce. Millions of individuals work in office/cubicle settings all day long. Over time, trying to work hard, focus, and sitting in the same position can significantly affect your health and posture. Though it may not be apparent, when writing, filling out paperwork, or typing on a computer, your body naturally gets pulled closer to the object’s surface. This causes a decrease in good posture and possibly other health conditions as well.

Why Maintain Good Posture?

  • Helps to keep bones and joints correctly aligned
  • Reduces stress on ligaments
  • Helps muscles to work properly, lessens muscle fatigue
  • Helps to reduce muscle and joint pain and fatigue
  • Strengthens core
  • Keeps vital organs in their proper positions

What Happens with Poor Posture?

  • Causes severe discomfort
  • Increases difficulty of sitting or standing upright
  • Can cause excretory issues
  • Can lower life expectancy
  • Makes you appear heavier
  • Cuts off your circulation

How to Sit Properly:

  • Feet planted flat on the ground or on a footrest
  • If possible, do not cross your legs, your legs should stay parallel to each other
  • Adjust your chair so that it mainly supports your lower to middle back
  • Avoid sitting for extended periods of time (if possible)
  • Keeps your shoulders in a natural position and place your forearms parallel to the ground

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