Is an Open Office Floor Plan Right for Your Business?

Is an Open Office Floor Plan Right for Your Business?In recent years, many companies have chosen to abandon partitions and cubicles in favor of more open floor plans. Some design analysts attribute this trend to the growing influence of millennials in the workplace. These younger members of the workforce grew up thinking of cubicles as stuffy and restrictive, and so they are more inclined to feel comfortable in a more open, expansive environment.

Some companies find that open floor plans help to facilitate collaboration and positive social interaction between employees. Others embrace open floor plans simply because they’re typically very inexpensive to maintain.

Open floor plans do have their virtues, but they can have some important drawbacks as well.

Although they’re designed to make communication between workers easier, they can actually be stressful for more introverted people. For these folks, an open floor plan can actually make it more difficult to be productive in a collaborative environment. Added noise and a lack of privacy can make it difficult for some employees to work effectively in an office with an open floor plan.

Some people have also argued that open floor plans promote ageism in the workplace. Because older workers are typically less accustomed to open floor plans, they may have a harder time adapting to this type of layout.

No one floor plan is right every business. Here at Modular Office Environments, we carry everything you need to develop a plan that’s right for your unique workforce. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.