Making the Most of Limited Office Space

Making the Most of Limited Office SpaceIn a perfect world, every company would have ample room to grow and develop their business. In practice, however, this is rarely the case. Office space comes at a premium, and sometimes you have to learn to work with what you have. Today, we’ll look at a few ways to make efficient use of space and make your office feel bigger.

Look Up

Creatively using the vertical space in your office for storage can free up a lot of room for personnel. Rather than relying on big, freestanding filing cabinets, consider using wall-mounted shelving units instead.

Cut Down on Clutter

A messy office will not only limit your workspace, it will also feel smaller and more claustrophobic. Fortunately, the information age has afforded us the opportunity to cut down on a great deal office clutter by using digital mediums instead of paper. Digitize documents whenever possible, and schedule brief monthly cleaning sessions if you continue to struggle to control the clutter in your office.

Utilize Common Areas

If meeting space is limited, consider using common areas such as break rooms for quick department meetings. Just be careful to schedule the use of common areas carefully so it doesn’t interfere with the daily routines of your employees.

Try Modular Design

Modular workstations offer businesses an added degree of flexibility when designing the layout of an office. Modular design typically allows companies to minimize the footprints of individual workstations and maintain a comfortable degree of space between workers. To get a better idea of how modular design can benefit a small office, take a look around our site to see some examples of our work!