We at Modular Office Environments have always been advocates of the open office floor plan, but with a newer generation of workers entering the workforce at increasing rates, we’ve observed that many companies are foregoing a traditional office layout for a space with a little more imagination.

Modified open floor plans create a breathable space that gives workers control over their comfort, level of privacy, and degree of collaboration.

Here are a few of the unique features a modified open floor plan can add within your company.

Hybridity and Autonomy in Office Design Modified Open Floor Plans the New Office Trend

As a new type of worker enters the work fold, changing your office environment to accommodate their tastes and needs is a smart business decision. This prevents progress from being impeded within your organization. Incoming workers will appreciate updated technological advancements, serene natural light, and airy meeting spaces to take some much-needed quiet breaks.

Studies have found that many workers spend the most time during their workday on projects requiring individual focus, and so many companies incorporate sound-proof rooms when a break from collaboration is much-needed for solo time. This encourages individual autonomy as employees can move freely from room to room, which a modified open floor plan should always encourage.

When it’s Time to Collaborate

Modular office furniture is especially popular among the newer generation because it allows for flexibility; when it’s time to group think and brainstorm, teams can rearrange their furniture in the way they see fit to best accomplish a task. Modular office furniture design is also great in that you can build upon individual and moveable components; as your company expands, so does your range of design options to satisfy the needs of your employees.

Don’t Discount the CubicleModified Open Floor Plans the New Office Trend

Thinking inside the cube is just as important as jumping outside of it! We don’t want you to think that a more traditional route of office design isn’t effective in increasing productivity and keeping your employees happy. Office cubicles do have their plus sides, the two chief benefits being that they absorb sound and cut out visual distraction. With layout, we suggest asking your employees how they best work; the answers may surprise you, and you may find that they actually prefer a cubicle setting over an open floor plan.

Find everything you need to design and sustain your new office layout with Modular Office Environments, offering name brand, innovative office furniture in the Southern Florida area fit for the workforces of today and tomorrow.