Office Design and Functionality Continues to Evolve

Office Furniture In the old days, people went to work in offices with large, heavy desks where they would sit all day and do their work at a typewriter or desktop computer. Today, though, we’re a much more mobile society, with smartphones and tablets that allow us to get work done wherever we are in the world…or the office.

Office furniture is changing to keep pace with the mobile lifestyle of the Millennial generation. People in the workforce in their 20s are used to laptops, couches, foosball tables, Starbucks and other things that make an office feel more like a college dorm hangout area than a traditional office space filled with cubicles.

What’s out? High-walled cubicles. What’s in? Flexible meeting spaces with easily adjustable furniture.

Office space today seems more oriented toward collaborative tasks rather than individual workers, such that tables to gather small groups of people at rather than individual desks are more the norm. There are fewer private offices as workers are more apt to hang out together in one open room doing work wherever they want on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. White boards and power outlets are popular, accommodating this new style of work.

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