Office Design Can Help Employers Attract and Retain Talent

The corporate world is changing in the 21st century. It’s no longer the norm for employees to say with the same company for decades. Rather, young professionals are always seeking out new opportunities for advancement with other organizations. As more and more millennials enter the workforce, this shift in values will likely become even more pervasive.

Office Design Can Help Employers Attract and Retain TalentLikewise, it’s important than employers do whatever they can to retain their best talent for as long as possible. In recent years, companies have adopted a variety of forward-thinking new policies and practices designed to do just that. Some business owners have also found that giving their workspace a facelift can have a huge influence on the way their company is perceived by employees and prospective hires.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, one interior designer has built an entire career out of helping business owners to create comfortable workspaces for their employees. Her name is Jan McCollum, and she knows just how important well-designed office space is in today’s job environment.

“A lot of places are geared toward profit and losses and are reluctant to invest in office space. But it’s as important as anything else because everything is so closely related. With happier employees, you get more productive employees and a better bottom line,” Said McCollum in an interview with the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

By designing workspace with the mental health and well-being of your employees in mind, you can make your business a far more desirable place to work. Want to learn more about how quality office design can benefit your business? Give us a call today for more information!