Reasons to Add Plants to Your Workspace

Office plantsFor centuries, men and women spent much of their time outdoors among nature and all its splendor. Today, though, we tend to live on screens, checking websites while working in indoor spaces most of our days.

If you can’t be outdoors all day every day, why not bring some of the outdoors inside? Liven up your workspace with plants.

You could decorate your office with fake plants– then you don’t have to worry about watering them. Or, you could add live plants to your workspace, and there are several reasons you should.

First, having live plants indoors helps improve indoor air quality. They act like the lungs and kidneys of a building as they remove toxins from the air. Want fewer airborne molds and bacteria flying around the office? Add some living, breathing plants.

Next, plants make people feel good. Imagine yourself with no greenery around you– just grey, grey, grey. Depressing, right? Green is a bold color, and flowers add even more color to one’s day. Plants indoors help lower people’s stress levels while also encouraging them to be more productive, calm, positive and focused.

Did you know that plants can also aid in increasing and/or stabilizing indoor humidity to make for a more comfortable working environment? They also have the ability to reduce noise levels, acting as buffers between you and others. Indeed, some workers like to surround themselves with plants for privacy, so others can’t easily see, find or hear them during the day. Clever!

Add some beauty to your office workspace. Modular Office Environments of Oakland Park, Florida, can help you add appropriate plants to your working area; call 954-735-1183 or email to make it so.