Survey Finds Employees Value Basic Amenities the Most

Survey Finds Employees Value Basic Amenities the MostOffice life has changed a lot in recent years. Some companies have started allowing pets to accompany employees to work. Others have instituted flexible scheduling polices that make it easier for employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Companies are trying all sorts of new things to improve morale and increase productivity, but according to a recent survey conducted by the British Council for Offices (BCO), it’s still the simple things that matter most.

This year, the BCO released the third edition of their What Workers Want study which surveys more than 1,100 office workers from throughout the UK.  The survey found that while office workers do like flexible schedules and opportunities to work remotely, they really like good lighting and a comfortable place to sit.

The workers surveyed in the study identified three primary factors that had the greatest influence on their workplace satisfaction: Comfort (87 percent), lighting (86 percent) and temperature (85 percent). Other perks and incentives might be nice, but they won’t mean much in an office with harsh lighting and old, uncomfortable chairs.

Dedicated desk space is another factor that was of particular importance to many of the participants in the survey. This figure rose 60 percent since the last time the survey was conducted in 2013.

The results of this survey suggests that business owners should take steps to ensure their employees fundamental needs are met before implementing other more drastic changes around the office. You might be surprised at what a difference comfortable chairs and soft lighting can make.