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How to Avoid Catching a Cold at Work

It’s that time of the year again when it seems a lot of people around you are getting sick, they are sick, or they’re getting over being sick. If you’re at work and you want to avoid catching a cold, there are some practical things you can do to avoid getting sick. Did you know… Read more »

Communication is Key In The Modern Workplace

At Modular Office Environments we pride ourselves on the aesthetic appeal of our meticulous office designs. We understand and promote the importance of an attractive workplace environment. We also realize that putting style over substance is a huge mistake in the business world. When it comes to the functionality of the workplace, an office communication… Read more »

Office Design and Functionality Continues to Evolve

In the old days, people went to work in offices with large, heavy desks where they would sit all day and do their work at a typewriter or desktop computer. Today, though, we’re a much more mobile society, with smartphones and tablets that allow us to get work done wherever we are in the world…or… Read more »

Office Furniture is in High Demand

A recent article on MiBiz.com has the headline: “Optimism ahead? A positive outlook returns to office furniture industry.” Despite a sluggish economy a few years back, the office furniture industry is relatively stable these days. Companies today are doing well enough to invest in their facilities, which means replacing and/or upgrading their older office furniture…. Read more »

The Importance of Space Planning When Decorating Your Office

The look, feel, and function of a room can make all the difference in how you and your employees get their work done. For example, if your team needs to spend a great deal of time collaborating and meeting in groups, then it’s essential they have a functional place to do so. On the opposite… Read more »

Avoid Clutter In Your Workplace With Professional Storage Services in Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale

One of the problems of modern society is that we have too much stuff. Do you work in an office environment that feels cramped and crowded? Are there old pieces of equipment, machinery and/or furniture just sitting there, gathering dust, taking up space? It’s not uncommon for businesses, groups and organizations to “overgrow” their space… Read more »

Why It’s Vital to Have a Cheerful Workplace

When you’re scrolling Facebook and see pictures of your friend at a pool party organized by their company you know that company is… cool. Or you see a picture of employees gathered around a ping pong table having some healthy competition and letting off stress? You want to work for that company. There are several… Read more »

Things to Remember When Relocating Your Office

If you’ve ever been in a work situation where the office moved from one location to another you know how it can get complicated, right? After all, you’ve had a set routine and then that routine gets interrupted. In order to make an office move work, there are several things to keep in mind. To… Read more »

How to Make an Empty Office Space Appear More Inviting

An empty office needs things to make it more inviting to people. After all, if an office is pretty much empty, who wants to be there for hours at a time? Just like a person’s home needs furniture for everyday living, an office space can be made quite inviting and appealing with “space planning.” Modular… Read more »

6 Indispensible Tips For Project Management Success

Here at Modular Office Environments, we’re known for effectively managing projects that overhaul and improve the places we work. While many clients are amazed at how easy we make it look, seeing a project from start to finish is hard work that requires focus, skill, and dedication. Staying within a budget and achieving optimal results… Read more »