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Communication is Key In The Modern Workplace

At Modular Office Environments we pride ourselves on the aesthetic appeal of our meticulous office designs. We understand and promote the importance of an attractive workplace environment. We also realize that putting style over substance is a huge mistake in the business world. When it comes to the functionality of the workplace, an office communication… Read more »

Why Office Furniture is a Prudent Investment for Employers

Everyone’s heard the old adage that you should “dress for success,” but not everyone considers that in the context of their office space. How you furnish your office is the professional dress for your work environment, and guests and new employees can make a lot of preliminary judgments about your business by how well it… Read more »

Five Tips For Making The Most Of Your Office Space

Adding new employees to a business is exciting for many reasons. One of the most interesting—and challenging—parts of welcoming someone new to the office is finding a way to fit them into the floor plan. Working within the unrelenting space constraints, you end up finding a way to fit them in every time. But all… Read more »

Update Your Office with Architectural Wall Systems

Once upon a time, in a not too distant past, you could find cubicles in just about every office in the country. As ubiquitous as the water cooler, the twentieth century saw the cubicle become a veritable staple of office life. Less expensive and more versatile than traditional office designs, the cubicle offered companies unprecedented… Read more »