The Intersection Where Communication and Design Meet

Executives are constantly looking for ways to improve performance and productivity within their organizations, and that should include a strong understanding of the connection between office design and boardroom communication.

Here, we offer our insights on the relationship between office design and boardroom communication so that your meetings benefit the greatest number of people.

Commanding Emotion Improving Upon Your Boardroom Dynamics

The present flow of communication or lack thereof, dictates the moods, attitudes, and behaviors of people who must come together in concerted work effort. These workers often send the wrong impression because they feel as if their opinion does not matter, and so they are only really reacting to their environments. This is why commanding emotion during your boardroom meeting is of the utmost importance. As the facilitator of discussion, it is up to you to wipe out negative group think, personal attacks, and backward thought processes. If people begin to toss out accusatory language, you should step in and remind the group that you must work as a team in order to achieve a common goal, while still empathizing with the general vocalized frustration.

Disarming with Presentation

Office design is just as much of a science as it is an art. A successful boardroom layout will encourage discussion and interaction among the group. The traditional boardroom presentation usually includes one rectangular table placed in the middle of the room. All meeting participants are facing each other, while the speakers or business chairs sit across from each other at opposite sides of the table. For some companies, this design works, but for others, an effective layout depends more on the amount of meeting space available and the needs of the group. Many companies opt for modular furniture to enhance the brainstorming experience. This option is ideal for those who wish to facilitate the command of emotion, because people who enter disarming, trusting spaces feel more inclined to open up and offer useful feedback.

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