The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

When we say that we’ve designed a chair that will change your life, it’s no exaggeration. An ergonomic office chair is a wise investment, as these chairs include several controls that allow employees to adjust their level of comfort, leading to a happier and more productive workplace.

Only you know what makes you comfortable at work. We kept that in mind when we designed the Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office chair, exclusive to our collection at Modular Office Environments. We want to share with you the features that make this chair a customizable experience. The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

Keep Cool at Work

We’ve all experienced a few days out of the year where the Florida heat sticks to our bodies and all we can really think about is how uncomfortable we are. This is especially true in office environments where air circulation is limited. Mesh is a material that is used in several higher-end brands like Aeron and Herman Miller office chairs, and we have created our own version in a similar style. Mesh is a popularly used in office furniture design because it creates air circulation around the body, keeping employees cool in warmer environments.

Easy-to-Use Features

Minor adjustments to the tilt features of the Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office chair allow your employees to enjoy unlimited luxury for hours at their desks. The tilt tension control adjusts to the weight of the user, and the synchro-tilt function allows for easy recline in a preset ratio to the seat. These chair controls are easy to master, so there’s really no need to read a complicated instruction manual over and over again, a dreaded task for most.

Long-Term Comfort  The Ergonomic Chair Every Office Needs

The Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office chair is one of few chairs that help to align the entire body for maximized comfort, not just the back. The sleek set of controls were created to target the body parts we put a lot of stress on during the day, but don’t often think about. In addition to the waterfall front-sloped cushion seating designed to reduce pressure on the knees, the back height adjustment and seat depth adjustments provide unparalleled lumbar support, and the arm swivel feature is complemented by arm pads that slide back and forth for optimum ergonomic positioning.

The Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office chair by Modular Office Environments is available now for purchase. For price and features inquiries, contact us today or call 954-735-1183 for more information.