Think Outside the Cube Premium Collection Presents the Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

It’s difficult to sit for eight hours a day in an office chair. Oftentimes energy levels suffer, and along with those, motivation to accomplish the work we need to get done. Modular Office Environments is a proponent of luxury in design, which is why we’ve created the Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair, an exclusive office chair design that caves to the body, affording our customers the comfortability they deserve at a price that is equally as comfortable.

Comparable to the ergonomic office chair designs of Herman Miller and Aeron office furniture brands, the Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair has multiple easy-to-use controls that allow our clients to keep cool at work and enjoy long-term relaxation. Our chair is designed with mesh upholstery that combats the Floridian heat during long work meetings, and the three position tilt-lock with tension control allows our clients to recline or sit up straight while multitasking from one seated position.

Waterfall front-sloped cushioned seating, height depth adjustments, and back height adjustments are just a few of the features designed seamlessly into this piece of innovative ergonomic office furniture. All of these adjustments can be made from one lever on the chair and are easy to master without a complicated instruction manual, and preset controls for increasing and decreasing resistance allow our clients to truly tailor their chairs to their individual needs.

Bring long-lasting comfort to the workplace. Improve posture, productivity, and inspire positive changes today: learn how you can order your Miami Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair for your office.