Things to Remember When Relocating Your Office

Office Relocation If you’ve ever been in a work situation where the office moved from one location to another you know how it can get complicated, right? After all, you’ve had a set routine and then that routine gets interrupted. In order to make an office move work, there are several things to keep in mind.

To start off the office move in a proper way, first write down a checklist to keep track of the office move timeline. This is to help keep you and everybody else on track, knowing what’s happening when and where, etc. You can do another checklist regarding the pieces of furniture you’re moving, as well as any other major items so you can review the list at the new place to make sure you didn’t forget or lose anything.

It’s best if a leader is assigned to commandeer the move. A leader organizing “the team” can help get the move done much better than making it a “free for all” whereas no one is on the same page.

If your office relies on computers be sure to inform the IT person or team about the move so they can be ready to hook up the computers at the new place as soon as possible. Even if all the stuff isn’t unpacked for a couple of days, the basic access to computers and the Internet will prove to be a priority on the day of the big move.

Before the move, notify clients and associates about the move so they know about it and can give you a few days of “breathing room” to adjust to the new place.

Should you need help with arranging your new office so that it functions well, and/or you’re ready for some new office furniture and equipment, don’t hesitate to call Modular Office Environments at 954-735-1183 for professional help.