Think Outside the Cube: Go Modular

Think Outside the Cube and Go ModularThe father of modular design, Harvey Probber, once said:

“The key to salvation was in bits and pieces of geometry… They were meaningless alone, but when fused to conventional shapes, profoundly altered their character.”

On this foundation, the iconic designer was able to build an empire that brought modular furniture design to the households of many throughout the 1950s. Today, modular design has evolved to include office furniture, particularly the “modular workstation,” which has proven to be extremely beneficial to companies across America.

The degree of functionality that modular workstations provide companies comes second to none, and here’s why you should consider utilizing them now.

Cultural Sophistication and Business Ingenuity

The shifting dynamics of an office environment are almost always fueled by a fast changing technology industry, and modular workstations allow companies to keep up with the pace. In addition, they allow companies to distribute space based on function, as opposed to work position, a more traditional business model. A company that implements such practices will be able to attract loyal employees and keep them there.

Ease of Speed and Alleviated Costs

The speed at which modular workstations can be set up and broken down will cost your company less money in the end. Extremely versatile and not at all obstructive, modular workstations are the not so secret weapon of the future, working around infrastructure code to deliver an updated look to older buildings, saving you both time and again, money.

Environmental Consciousness

The structures of modular wall systems are created using less material than your average office furniture designs, and they reduce waste, are reusable, and can be recycled. The durability of material used is a priceless feature in itself, and is also the key factor contributing to their impressive longevity.

What are you waiting for? Save your company time and money. Promote healthy environmental habits. We see no negatives here! Hit the ground running; select a style at Modular Office Environments today!