Tips For Keeping Your Workstation Organized

Workstation Do you really want to be known as the employee with the messy workstation? Or as the employee that no one can trust to stay organized and on top of things? Of course not; you want to be known for your dependability, professionalism and your meticulousness for the details. As the old adage goes, “perception is reality,” and even if you’re the most diligent employee in the office, upper management may have a negative view of you and your potential due to the disorderliness of your work station.

As such, it’s vital to do what you can to keep your workstation organized. Here are four things you can do to make certain you aren’t known as the “untidy worker” around the office:

1)      Perform a “spring cleaning’’ at least once a month. More specifically, it is wise to take a look at your workstation at least once a month and dispose of any items you no longer need, and clean and/or dust your desk and fixtures.

2)      Design a storage system that works for you. Let’s say you have paperwork that you need to keep, but it’s not something you need in front of you at all times. In this instance, it’s smart to create a filing system that helps you stay organized, and helps create open space, rather than cluttered space at your workstation.

3)      Figure out what’s essential and what isn’t. Do you use post-it notes and your desk calendar every day? But do you also have notepads, highlighters, coffee mugs and other items that you never use? If yes, it’s time prioritize and keep all of the things you need close by, and either remove items you rarely use from your workstation, or perhaps you could find a drawer for those items or simply bring them from home when you think you might need them.

4)      Work at it. In order to get a promotion or a raise at the office, you must really work at it. The same is true for staying organized; if you want others to have a favorable impression of you at work, staying organized at your workstation is a great way to start; you just have to work at it.

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