Tips for Maintaining New Office Furniture

Office furniture Having your employees, co-workers, and colleagues look and act professionally is one thing, but having your business or company look and appear professional is a whole other thing. The appearance of your business is controlled and maintained by you; it’ up to you to keep your furniture clean, presentable, up-to-date, and professional looking.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Office Furniture:

  • Notice where clients or customers are most likely to make themselves comfortable and create the most wear and tear on your furniture – make sure this furniture is dark, easily cleaned, and sturdy for all audiences
  • If you are looking to furnish a room for a lot of individuals (waiting room, classroom, group meeting room, etc.) choose chairs that do not take up much space and can be placed next to each other
  • If you are looking to furnish a room for a small crowd or only a few people, you can choose larger furniture
  • Make sure you have supplies handy or available to clean up any spills or other mishaps that may occur – choose supplies specific to your furniture (leather sprays, cloth brushes, wooden polishes, etc.)
  • Do not use plastic seat/couch covers – this does not give off the most welcoming vibe to visitors or customers

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