Update Your Office with Architectural Wall Systems

Architectural Wall Systems snippyOnce upon a time, in a not too distant past, you could find cubicles in just about every office in the country. As ubiquitous as the water cooler, the twentieth century saw the cubicle become a veritable staple of office life. Less expensive and more versatile than traditional office designs, the cubicle offered companies unprecedented opportunities to manage, maintain, and organize large pools of employees in relative comfort.

For all their apparent virtues, however, cubicles are not perfect partitions. They tend to come in drab monochromatic tones that are unlikely to inspire a great deal of innovation. Additionally, by virtue of their low-cost fabrication, they don’t tend to be very sturdy. What we need is a new system; a paradigm shift in office design.

Enter architectural wall systems – The cubicle for a new century.

Is the Feng Shui in your office getting a little stale? Architectural wall systems offer the design flexibility of cubicles without sacrificing structural integrity or plain old good looks. They are available in a myriad of sizes and styles to suit the unique needs and preferences of different industries.

Going for that sleek Silicon Valley look? Consider revamping your workspace with transparent floor to ceiling glass panels. This wall system will give your office a clean, contemporary look while making it appear more spacious to clients and customers.

Maybe you always saw yourself in a classic law office with a darker color palette and rich wood paneling. There’s a wall system for that, too!

Are you a business owner on a budget? Architectural wall systems allow you to reap the benefits of a total office redesign without the expense and mess of conventional remodeling techniques. They install quickly and easily, without having to hang sheetrock or frame new walls.

Office design is an important, but often overlooked part of your company’s branding. Investing in an architectural wall system is an effective, cost efficient way to carve out a distinct identity for your workplace. You’ll set your business apart from the competition and stir up stellar first impressions from new clients.

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