Why Businesses Should Invest in Office Chair Mats

Chair MatsOffice chair mats may not be the first thing you think of when you’re putting together your office, but they are important.

Businesses should invest in office chair mats for several reasons.

First, they protect the floor from scratches (hardwood), imprint marks (carpets), and/or damage from repetitive movements (linoleum).

Next, they add to a worker’s personal safety and comfort, with ergonomic benefits preventing leg fatigue. Thanks to rounded or beveled edges, chair mats help make it possible for a person in a chair to have a smooth rolling transition from the mat to the nearby carpet or floor. A person doesn’t need to over exert their leg and back muscles to move their chair when they have a proper office chair mat underneath them.

Chair mats also help define the space behind a desk where people will sit and do their work. They can add to overall appearance of a workstation, making it look cleaner and more elegant. Chair mats are available in different shapes, sizes and designs to help match the mood or personality of the office and its users.

If you currently use chairs without any mats on carpet, and you roll around often, that particular spot on the carpet will get worn out and look less appealing than the rest of the rug. A chair mat therefore makes a smart way to “save” the carpet from looking disheveled.

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