Why Choose a Height Adjustable Desk System

Height Adjustable DeskThe average office worker spends most of their day sitting in a desk chair for hours on end with minimal opportunities to get up and stretch out. While some people find sitting to be comfortable, most people find it frustrating for good reason. Sitting for long periods of time throughout the day has been frequently associated with health problems and lowered levels of productivity

It is so important to find different ways to add some movement into your work day. One of the simplest solutions is to stand up while you work. Height adjustable desk systems are the perfect tool for alternating between sitting and standing at work and Modular Office Environments is proud to offer them!

Modular Office Environments has no doubts that a height adjustable desk system is just what you need to improve your work and your health.

Consider a Height Adjustable Desk System your Health

Sitting for long periods of time during your day causes your health to decline and has been associated with major health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even some types of cancer. Standing up more can help you to combat the effects of sitting, thus keeping you healthier in the long run.

Height adjustable desk systems allow you to stand during portions of your work hours as you so choose. Using a standing desk helps your body use 20% more energy and burn about three times as many calories throughout the day than you would compared to sitting. You also put less pressure on your lower back when you’re standing, reducing chronic back pain that is often caused from sitting all day. Standing while working could also help reduce your risk of obesity, weight gain, and heart disease, and lower your blood sugar levels.

Consider a Height Adjustable Desk System your Productivity

Ergonomically designed workspaces often contribute to lower levels of stress and higher levels of comfort. Standing while working not only boosts concentration levels, but decreases feelings of lethargy and drowsiness.

A change in work setting can also create an energy boost, allowing employees to experience a renewed work ethic. Standing can also improve mood and lead to a more positive state of mental health. All of these factors combined lead to increased productivity, letting workers achieve their goals and enjoy their jobs.

Using a standing desk reduces the risk of injuries associated with staying in one place for too long, decreasing the amount of time employees need to take off work. People work their best when they feel comfortable and accommodated at work; height adjustable desk systems provide numerous levels and positions to work in, making them great for workers of all tastes.  Employees can select the idea working position for their body and switch it up as desired.

Get out of your seat and on your way to better health and happiness with a height adjustable desk system from Modular Office Environments, dedicated to transforming your workspace through custom design.