Why It’s Essential to Have a Comfortable Office Chair

Office ChairAsk most people what their biggest body ache is and they’ll generally tell you, “oh, my bad back!”

We tend to sit. A lot. For hours at a time, at desks, we’ll sit and type stuff on the computer, talk on the phone, watch some videos, and shuffle through paperwork. It’s important to have a good, comfortable office chair.

Back problems are all too common in modern society, and people have terrible posture. A proper chair should provide “lumbar and pelvic support” so you don’t have to slouch. A chair should also be “ergonomically” correct so it’s situating your body at the right height for the desk or table you’re at.

How can you tell if your current chair situation is the reason for your backache and/or general well-being? Posture is so important. When your spine is supported and in alignment, you feel comfortable and can easily concentrate on the task at hand. However, if you find yourself having backaches, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration, it could be because of your current chair.

Modular Office Environments specializes in creating ideal workspace environments for clients. If you spend a lot of time sitting down on a daily basis and you haven’t been feeling well, perhaps it’s time you called Modular Office Environments for a consult. Your chair could be making you feel bad, literally!

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