Why It’s Vital to Have a Cheerful Workplace

Employee MoraleWhen you’re scrolling Facebook and see pictures of your friend at a pool party organized by their company you know that company is… cool. Or you see a picture of employees gathered around a ping pong table having some healthy competition and letting off stress? You want to work for that company.

There are several ways to boost employee morale, most of which involve rewarding them with money, recognition, fun times, rewards and sometimes, simply with compliments. People don’t know how much you care until you show them you care, so if you’re a boss and your employees seem down in the dumps, here are some practical pick-me-ups:

1) Throw a party. Make it a good one. Don’t skimp on supplies. Hire a DJ or a band, get a caterer who makes delicious food everyone raves about, and have the party away from the workplace in a fun, memorable setting.

2) Play games at work with rewards and incentives for those who win. People will compete like mad to win something as simple as a candy bar…or a $100 end of the day bonus.

3) Make a prize table full of stuff people like and will work for– then, when someone does something special or noteworthy, they get to pick out their prize, like movie tickets, a case of beer, or a “pass for a free day off!”

4) Paint the office a bright color and add artwork to the walls. Better yet, ask employees to help (if they want to) decorate the office in a way that appeals to them. It’s amazing how a “new look” can reinvigorate a tired place and tired people.

5) Invest in new office furniture. Dated, worn old furniture is depressing. New chairs, tables, desks and perhaps a comfy couch or two can really improve people’s moods and productivity.

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